Zebronics Zeb-Sound Bomb One Review

True wireless earbuds are fashionable and quite popular right now. The fact that there are no wires means that it is a hassle-free design.

The Zebronics Zeb-Sound Bomb One TWS earbuds, which are currently accessible in the market at an affordable price, are another addition to the list. The new Zeb-Sound Bomb One earbuds, like the majority of TWS earbuds on the market, have a portable design and a variety of capabilities.

I had the opportunity to test drive the Zeb-Sound Bomb One. This set of TWS earbuds is available for purchase for Rs. 999, making them affordable for people of all financial backgrounds. Additionally, purchasers may select from a variety of colour selections to match their personal preferences and interests.

Here is a comprehensive evaluation of the Zeb-Sound Bomb One to assist you in making an informed purchasing decision.


Designed to be splash-proof, the Zebronics Zeb-Sound Bomb One TWS earbuds have a small footprint and fit securely in the ear while worn.

The earphones are packaged with a charging case in a spherical form with an exterior tag to facilitate carrying it around simpler. For the battery and connectivity status, there are a number of indicators to choose from.

My main problem about TWS earphones is that they tend to slip out of my ears while I’m moving or walking about. It may come as a surprise, but the Zeb-Sound Bomb One is really pleasant to wear and remains in your ear even when you walk about. Of course, I’m not talking about going on a jog or walking your dog, but rather more gentle movements.


When it comes to overall audio performance, the Zeb-Sound Bomb One delivers excellent results, which was a pleasant surprise given its low pricing.

The earphones are an excellent audio accessory for listening to music and watching videos. If you’re planning on using these to make phone conversations, I wouldn’t recommend it because the microphone is a bit of a letdown.

While the people who received my calls were able to hear me, they reported that there was some background noise and that my audio was a little wrong. However, in addition to the microphone issue, I had another minor issue with the TWS earphones.

There is a slight latency in the connection between the two earphones, which I discovered. For example, the music would begin playing on the left earbud initially and the right earbud would be activated after a short period of time following.

The issue might be resolved by rebooting the device and pairing it again. Aside from that, the touch motions are flawless, allowing you to fluidly change tracks or adjust the volume without interruption. Also included is Siri and Google Assistant compatibility via touch controls, which makes the overall experience even more convenient and enjoyable.


The battery of any wireless device is critical to its functionality. I have no issues about the battery life of the Zeb-Sound Bomb One, which is rather impressive considering how little it is.

I mostly used it for music and movie playing, and it was capable of lasting for several hours at a time. Furthermore, the charging time for the case is also rather short, taking only an hour to completely charge.


The Zeb Sound Bomb SI’s earbuds are comfortable to use and remain in position no matter what you’re doing. The silicone tips are comfy, and I didn’t have to charge the pair that were pre-attached because they were already charged.

The audio quality of the earbuds shocked me, especially considering that they were not an expensive set to begin with. However, I can’t say that the audio profile is neutral because it has a slight balmy bottom that sounds like a singer singing in husky tones.

This adds a sense of cosiness and warmth to the overall experience.. With my typical playlist, I had a pleasant experience.

The headphones were compatible with the whole spectrum of tunes on my list, which was a pleasant surprise! When played at greater volumes, the audio can become harsh, but this is to be expected because you are not intended to listen to such volumes.

I listened to author Amit Chaudhuri’s This is Not Fusion CD on Apple Music and enjoyed every minute of it – the voices were particularly strong, and you could feel the hands on the strings throughout.

My current favourite, Cherathukal from Kumbalangi Night, lacked a little of clarity, but the audio profile transported me back to a hot and humid Kerala summer evening. When the song becomes intricate, it becomes clear that this is not a high-end audio equipment.


There is, however, one aspect about the Zeb Sound Bomb SI that I did not enjoy about it. During the middle of a song or a podcast, the earbuds abruptly become mono for a split second for no apparent reason.

Zebronics is introduced through one of the earbuds, which allows you to mentally prepare for a few seconds of mono. Also, at times, I had the impression that the two earphones had a slight lag in one of the earbuds, but it was so slight that I was not sure it was a lag.

The business says that the earbuds have an 18-hour battery life, and you should be able to get approximately four hours out of them on a single charge. You will have no reason to complain about the call quality, which is also excellent.

At Rs 2,849, the Zeb Sound Bomb SI truly wireless earbuds are among the most cheap really wireless headphones available right now. Because of the low price, you must accept a certain level of instability, but the good audio profile more than makes up for it. This is a reasonable alternative to consider.

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