In-Depth Review of the Otium Bluetooth Headphones

It’s simple to find a good set of headphones at a reasonable price. When it comes to finding a reasonably priced set of headphones that can sustain intense physical exercise, the task is a little more difficult. When you add outstanding sound to the mix, you’ve effectively reduced the number of options on the market to a small number of models.

It is one of the few brands that can meet each and every one of these standards. Although their items are not available in shops, the fact that they are distributed only online helps to keep prices down.

We’ve previously taken a look at a couple models and found them to be far better than average. While their most recent model is meant to be ergonomic enough to use at the gym, it is also made to be comfortable enough to use while running. Can these low-cost headphones live up to the excitement that has surrounded them? To find out, we got our hands dirty.

What’s in The Box

Although the packing for the Otium Bluetooth Headphones was satisfactory, we were a little disappointed in the overall quality of the product. In most cases, low-cost consumer electronics keep things as simple as possible, but Otium adds a significant amount of value to the table.

 After opening the attractive box, you’ll discover a sturdy case with a loop and a clip attached to it. The case has a zipper to keep everything locked up, as well as an inset tray that perfectly accommodates the headphones in their original packaging.

Headphones with Bluetooth technology from OtiumIn order to fit in your pocket, the case is a bit big. We’d consider it a minor annoyance if it weren’t for the video clip.

This design has the advantage of not being twisted up when in storage, and the clip makes it simple to attach to your backpack or luggage, or to just keep it in your car while on the go.


When it comes to aesthetics, these headphones keep a sleek and contemporary appearance. There are more compact solutions available on the market, but Otium did an excellent job of making the most of what they had. Screen printing in a bright red colour, which matches the flat wire, is used to distinguish the flat enclosures attached to the earpieces. If you’re looking for something a little more straightforward, there’s also an all-black version available.

When worn, these earphones don’t appear to be particularly bulky. The enclosure is designed to seem similar to a hands-free headset, and it has a sporty appearance.

In order to keep the ear hook hidden behind your ear, the flat cable is tucked against your neck. Overall, the design of these earphones is comparable with the smaller choices that are currently available on the market.


The disadvantage of using clip-on earphones is that they are less portable and weigh less, but the advantage is that they are more ergonomic. The procedure for putting them on is a little more complicated than you may anticipate.

 Before you start listening, you should tilt the headphones down and press one end of the ear clip into the top cartilage of your ear canal. Then you spin the earphones in the opposite direction as the clock, allowing the clips to snap into place.

As time passes, you’ll notice that the primary lobe of the earclip is making consistent contact with the top of your ear. The earphones are now held in place by a significant amount of pressure as a result of the cumulative effect.

Because the pressure is evenly distributed across a large area, they do not feel tight or unpleasant. Despite the fact that they’re really comfy to wear, they won’t shift when you’re moving around.

Because of this design’s sizing limitations, the size of your ear might have a significant impact on how comfortable you are wearing it. Otium compensates for this by including three pairs of earclips and three sets of earpieces with each set of headphones.

For the majority of users, this gives a sufficient number of options to guarantee that everyone can find a comfortable fit. Having saying that, we would not suggest these headphones for youngsters under the age of eight. The fact that you have huge ears and have difficulty acquiring a comfortable fit might indicate that you are experiencing difficulties.


Unless you plan on doing much more than sitting down and watching a movie in your own house, the longevity of your headphones isn’t going to be an issue. When you’re outdoors enjoying some exercise, though, you’ll want a pair of earphones that can withstand being pushed as hard as you are.

This necessitates two actions. Firstly, you cannot have them disintegrating when jolted or caught in an object of any sort. After that, you’ll need something that can withstand water. Some headphones are waterproof enough that you can wear them in the pool without worrying about damaging them.

This is perfect for some people, but it is overkill for others. The earphones from Otium fall somewhere in the centre. They have an IPX rating of 7 which indicates that they are water resistant. They’ll almost certainly be shielded from sweat exposure, and they’ll almost certainly be able to withstand a wet run.

You’ll want to avoid letting them become completely submerged in the water and minimise your time spent in the rain. However, the waterproofing is more than suitable for the demands of the majority of users, and the product represents excellent value for money.

The cord, which is another significant advantage of these headphones, is another plus. Instead of the circular wire that is utilised on some of them, a flat wire is used. Because it has a significantly higher tensile strength, it will not break if the wire is accidently snagged. Having stated that, the wire is attached to the back of your neck.. Due to the fact that it is not very lengthy, the likelihood of it becoming snagged is low.

Sound Quality

A motivating soundtrack will keep you going while you’re trying to complete a six-minute mile in a short amount of time. This is precisely the type of music that these headphones are intended to accommodate. The bass can best be characterised as explosive, and it offers the tremendous energy you need to keep your motivation levels high throughout the track.

The treble and midrange are respectable for the price range, but it’s very clear that Otium was primarily concerned with developing a strong low-end for this speaker. They’ll be a blast to listen to if you like bass-driven music.

Their acoustic music capabilities are still adequate, but they aren’t quite as spectacular. The volume is acceptable, and the sound is clear and undistorted, although the level of detail is lacking in some areas.

In a noisy area, active noise cancellation will come in handy, and it will save your life if you use your headphones in such atmosphere. They make use of CVC 6.0, which is a prominent standard that can be found in a variety of high-end earbud models.

This method makes use of the microphone to measure outside noise, which is then cancelled out by the driver using an equal and opposite reaction. Even as we were strolling into a crowded metro station, these earphones offered a quiet background to our favourite tunes.


Even if a set of headphones is comfortable and produces excellent sound, having to make concessions on fundamental functionality might be a deal breaker for many people. We found Otium’s earphones to be more than suitable in the majority of situations.

The longest possible battery life is the top priority for us. These earphones were able to provide us with an impressive 8 hours of continuous usage time. This model is comparable with other models, and it is more than suitable for the majority of applications. However, if you want something that will endure for a lengthy period of time, there are models that are more reliable.

If you require the ability to conduct hands-free calls, Otium supplies all of the necessary hardware to do this. The microphone operated admirably, and our callers were able to hear us clearly and loudly. Getting a notification tone when a call is coming in was one of the features we enjoyed about this function, and we recommend it.

Other headphones may cause your music to be interrupted and your ringtone to be played back. When using this method, you will only hear an occasional beep – similar to call waiting. If you are unable to accept the call, you will be allowed to continue listening to your music.


The Otium Bluetooth Headphones are an excellent alternative if you’re searching for a reasonably priced pair of earphones to use when working out at the gym. These devices are slightly bigger and heavier than other portable types, but the ear clips allow them to remain firmly on your head no matter how much you move around during the day.

You can be certain that they will outlive any other earphone in this price range when combined with the IPX7 waterproofing.We’d recommend these earphones to anyone who is athletic and like listening to music with a lot of bass. In these settings, their performance is far above average, making them a good value for money.

Even if you enjoy listening to more peaceful music, you may find the sound quality to be a touch lacking. The cord that goes behind your neck, in addition, may be a source of frustration for certain customers.

The LiteXim TW-18 is a good option to consider if you fall into this category, in our opinion. These headphones are totally wireless, and their sound characteristic is a little more balanced than the previous models. They are a little more expensive, but if sound quality is essential to you, you will realise that the extra money spent is well worth it.

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