Donerton Wireless Earbuds – Review

Wireless listening technology has gone a long way from when it began. The original wireless earbuds and headphones were patchy at best and didn’t do a fantastic job of providing us with the same quality of music listening as corded devices.

Thankfully, time has marched on, and so has the technology that drives wireless earbuds and headphones. These days, you can buy wireless listening devices that are just as good as wired ones, and they come with added perks.

 It’s a lot easier to slap a set of wireless earbuds into your ears and head to the gym than it is to have to continually worry about your cables getting tangled in the gym equipment or distracting you by bouncing on your chest.

However, the market is fully swamped with wireless earbuds and it’s tough to discover truly excellent choices, instead than too inexpensive buds that barely work.

Today, we’ll be having a look at two popular wireless earbud selections, the EDYELL and Donerton Wireless Earbuds, to see what they offer. We can also determine if one is obviously a superior choice than the other or if they both function better for particular purposes. Let’s begin!


The EDYELL’s make extensive use of Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which includes specially engineered microchips that allow for lightning-fast connectivity to whatever device you choose to link with the earbuds.

The EDYELL’s are available in a variety of colours and sizes. In fact, this function is so smart that as you take the earphones from the charging case, they instantly switch on and connect. The chips are clever enough to remember the gadget with which you previously linked them up. No other time has it been so simple to put on your headphones and go.

In terms of music quality, the Bluetooth 5.0 connection is likewise quite high-performing. Despite the fact that they are completely wireless, these earphones have a robust connection that does not crackle or break easily.

Wireless Earbuds from EDYELL The buds have an IPX8 rating, which means they are waterproof. A brief summary of their design is that they have specific nano coatings within the earphones that offer them with anti-sweat and waterproof capabilities.

You’ll be able to use them in stormy weather or when you’re out running and sweating without having to worry about them breaking. In addition, they’re quite lightweight, so they won’t weigh down on your ears or cause discomfort even after you’ve been listening to them for several hours at a stretch.

Continuing on the subject of lengthy listening sessions, the earbuds charge rapidly in their case and, when paired with the battery in the charging case, may be used for up to 120 hours without having to be recharged both the case and the buds themselves. Because the case is equipped with a smart LED display on the top, it is simple to determine when the case needs to be recharged.

Sound Quality

It goes without saying that the EDYELL’s have superb sound quality throughout. A high-quality driver and stereo sound capability are included into each earbud to provide a three-dimensional listening experience.

Because the bass and deep notes are particularly powerful and noticeable, they are an excellent pair of earbuds for running or exercising, as fitness music tend to be heavy on bass and thus make for excellent running headphones.

The earphones are compatible with a variety of playing modes and are equipped with CVC and DSR technology. What exactly are these? To put it simply, they operate together to decrease background noise and serve as noise-canceling functions for your listening and phone conversation experiences.

They perform an excellent job of reducing background noise, which would otherwise detract from the quality of your audio listening experience.These noise-canceling technologies, on the other hand, are fantastic since they do not fully isolate you from the outside world.

Using these earphones while running is vital since you must be able to hear your surroundings in case there are any road dangers that you may encounter. You can still use the noise-canceling technology even if you don’t entirely barricade yourself in your room. We think it’s a great touch that many people will appreciate.


If you’re searching for a more affordable set of Bluetooth earbuds, the JLab Audio GO Air POP True Wireless are a good option. They have a lower passive noise isolation performance than the Anker, but they are manufactured with the same quality, comfort, and stability as the latter.

With their “JLab Signature” EQ setting, they feature an overemphasised bass response that gives your music more thump, punch, and body than it otherwise would have. These characteristics make them particularly well-suited for genres such as EDM and hip-hop, while others may find the sound too boomy or muddy.

They also have a battery life of around nine hours on a single charge and come with a case that can contain approximately three more charges. Unfortunately, they aren’t quite as effective as the Anker at filtering out mid-range noise, such as background talk at the office, so they aren’t recommended.

If you’re searching for fully wireless earbuds that have a longer overall battery life or superior passive noise isolation capabilities, the Anker is a good choice. However, the JLab is a more affordable option that doesn’t sacrifice too much in terms of performance.


What’s more, is there a clear victor between these two earbuds once everything has been considered? We’d have to say that both are rather decent when compared to other products on the market, but that they each have their own set of strengths and flaws.

For example, when it comes to noise cancellation, the EDYELL Earbuds are the unquestionably superior alternative since they just perform far better than the competition. Moreover, they sound a bit better when it comes to bass sounds, even if this comes at the expense of a tiny reduction in the sound on the upper and mid-range frequencies of a song.

However, the Donerton Earbuds outperform its competition in terms of overall sound quality as well as the design of the split bud. The ability to listen to one music in one ear while simultaneously taking a phone conversation in the other is a fantastic feature that we can’t imagine not having now that we’ve become used to it.

In the end, both options are excellent choices. To summarise, if your music is predominantly in the bass range and you’re interested in somewhat superior noise cancellation, we recommend the EDYELL buds; in all other cases, we prefer the Donerton’s.Was this information useful? Please consider spreading the word.

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