Donerton Wireless Earbuds – Review

Wireless listening technology has gone a long way from when it began. The original wireless earbuds and headphones were patchy at best and didn’t do a fantastic job of providing us with the same quality of music listening as corded devices. Thankfully, time has marched on, and so has the technology that drives wireless earbuds … Read more

Boult Audio TrueBuds review

Many people in today’s environment choose to be linked to music rather than the internet. According to everyone, music may be used to alleviate their sorrows. It has the ability to make people joyful as well. Our goal is for this connection between us and music to be unobstructed and robust. In order to keep … Read more

BoAt Airdopes 141 Wireless Earbuds Review

Airdopes 141 wireless earbuds are scheduled to go on sale on July 26th, 2021 through boAt Electronics. On the occasion of the Prime Day sale, boAt will introduce one of the most affordable earbuds available for less than 1500 rupees. Despite being offered at a modest price, boAt 141 has every reason to be a … Read more

BoAt Airdopes 131 Review

The BoAt Airdopes 131 are a popular Truely wireless headphones under 2000 rupees, similar to the BoAt Airdopes 121v2, Boult Audio AirBass FX1 ProPods, and a slew of other similar products. So, after a few months of use, here’s my BoAt Airdopes 131 review for your consideration. The BoAt Airdopes 121v2 and the BoAt Airdopes … Read more

BoAt Airdopes 111 Review

The debut of Airdopes 111 earphones in the upcoming Republic Day sale 2022 marks the return of boAt to the market. This boAt Airdopes 111 review will be beneficial if you are looking for a set of truly wireless earbuds on a budget that have a large battery backup and decent sound quality. Let’s start … Read more