Boult Audio TrueBuds review

Many people in today’s environment choose to be linked to music rather than the internet. According to everyone, music may be used to alleviate their sorrows. It has the ability to make people joyful as well.

Our goal is for this connection between us and music to be unobstructed and robust. In order to keep up with our high demand for wireless earbuds, various firms have developed a variety of different models.

We’re going to look at one of those earphones in this article.We will make every effort to provide a thorough Boult Audio TrueBuds Review. This will be determined depending on the sound quality, construction quality, and other critical considerations.


Prior to assessing the product, we need acquire information about the Buds that the firm promises to deliver, which is detailed on the package content box of the product.

The reverse of the packing box, which touts the “Extra Bass” quality along with the company’s logo and product name on the front, also touts the following features: “Extra Bass” quality, branding, and product name

As a result of the unpacking of the delivery, we will be receiving the following items:Warranty Card, User Manual, Product Catalogue, and Charging Case are all included.

TrueBudsTwo sets of ear caps of various sizes, as well as a Type C USB cable for charging.

Calls Quality

Speaking about latency, every audio product has some amount of lag in it, whether it is noticeable or not.

According to the Boult Audio AirBass TrueBuds Review, there will be some latency with these buds, but it will be extremely little, measuring around half a second. Only people with a good hearing sense or who are skilled gamers would be able to detect this phenomenon.

With a low Latency Level, the buds are suitable for making and receiving phone calls as well as viewing video or audio material. They are also tolerable during sporting events.

In addition, read our in-depth evaluation of the Boult audio probass thunder.If you look at them as a whole, they don’t appear to have a negative influence on your call and, thus, on your games.

Because the buds are not excessively loud, you may use it even at maximum volume without experiencing any distortion.

The buds are equipped with Artech technology and are comprised of a 9 mm graphene driver, which allows you to enjoy unique sound quality in high definition and with clarity while wearing them.

Moreover, these earbuds come with an audio amplifier, which allows them to boost your music and provide it with a powerful bass.

Voice Quality

As a result of this communication, we have learned about the Buds’ feature of Cancellation of sounds.

This function aids the buds in providing us with a comfortable phone conversation experience. You can make a phone call without being interrupted by the noise in your surroundings.

It is claimed by Boult Audio that it provides complete noise cancellation. Despite this, the Boult Audio AirBass TrueBuds Review by us indicates that this function is quite limited in scope. In a crowded environment, the buds are unable to effectively drown out the noise.

Comfort and Design

The TrueBuds’ design has the ability to capture the attention of all who see it.Using these Buds, you may demonstrate your commitment to the phrase “The first impression is the final impression.” First and foremost, the buds and the case are so pleasing to the sight that you will forget about any negative aspects of these buds.

These Buds feature a pleasant form and are simple to insert into the ear canal. However, if you have small earholes, using them for an extended period of time may cause pain in your ears.

Both the casing and the buds are made of high-quality materials.According to our Boult Audio AirBass TrueBuds Review, the design of the Buds is advantageous in all respects.

BT 5.0 Auto Pair

Bluetooth 5.0 technology is included into the earbuds to improve the quality of the connection with your smartphone and increase the range of the connection.

These Buds will be able to maintain a stronger and more uninterrupted connection with your smartphone thanks to this technology.

With these Buds, you may have a connection range of up to 10 metres.There’s also an automated connection option built into the earbuds.

They will quickly reconnect with the device to which they were previously attached as soon as the case is opened. In addition, when you put them back in the case, they will become inoperable.

Battery Performance

As we can see from the package, the Buds will have a total playtime of 24 hours, which corresponds to the claim made by Boult.

This may be mentioned since the buds, according to the manufacturer, are capable of working constantly for 5.5 hours when completely charged. When completely charged, the case has the capacity to charge the buds four times.

According to our research and our Boult Audio AirBass TrueBuds Review, the buds will provide you with a runtime of about 5 hours in one sitting.

And, because they can be charged for a maximum of four times with the assistance of the case, they may provide you with a total playtime of about twenty hours.

Designed with Port C charging in mind, these TrueBuds may be charged using a mobile adapter with the aid of the wire that comes included in the package.


After doing our Boult Audio AirBass TrueBuds review, we have come to the conclusion that these TrueBuds, when weighed against all of its advantages and disadvantages, are an excellent choice for their clients.

With its excellent sound quality, it is appropriate for a wide range of applications, including phone conversations, the consumption of audio and video material, and gaming. With its high in-built quality, safe casing, and lengthy playtime hour, it is an excellent choice.

Those who enjoy playing video games may find the reduced latency to be a little frustrating. Alternatively, if you use an earhole for an extended period of time, you may have pain in your ear.

As a conclusion, we can state that you will not be disappointed if you choose these earphones over other options.

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