BoAt Airdopes 111 Review

The debut of Airdopes 111 earphones in the upcoming Republic Day sale 2022 marks the return of boAt to the market. This boAt Airdopes 111 review will be beneficial if you are looking for a set of truly wireless earbuds on a budget that have a large battery backup and decent sound quality.

Let’s start with the technical parameters before going on to the sound quality, battery life, design, and advantages and disadvantages.

They’re stylish, small, and jam-packed with useful functions. The BoAt Airdopes 111 are ergonomically designed, and they have an IPX4 classification, making them perfect for use in sporting activities.

The boAt 111 wireless earbuds are an excellent choice if you’re seeking for affordable wireless earbuds for sports or the gym.

Design & Build Quality

With the boAt Airdopes 111 TWS, you can take control of your music by just sliding them on your ears. This Bluetooth 5.1 headset is built to provide a smooth connection, reliability, and the best power optimization possible while using Bluetooth technology.

Listen to music at your own speed thanks to the clever touch controls, which enable you to make and receive calls, manage music, and activate voice assistants without having to reach for your phone every time you want to listen.

Simply remove them from the power case, and they will be ready to connect immediately to the last linked device on the network (thanks to IWP technology).

A young girl at the gym is listening to music with headphones.

This is an earbud set that is both aesthetically pleasing and useful. It’s available in four fashionable colours, so you can easily match it to your personal style.

They are constructed in a very ergonomic manner and can comfortably fit your ears for extended periods of time, ensuring the greatest level of comfort possible.

Sound Quality

With a 13mm dynamic driver and an integrated microphone, the boAt Airdopes 111 wireless earbuds provide a powerful punch. Your music listening experience will be even more enjoyable because to the characteristic boAt sound, which has thundering bass, clean highs, and lows. To be clear, all boAt Airdopes have their own distinct sound.

Do you lead an active, outgoing, and always connected lifestyle? You will require the boAt 111 TWS. Take pleasure in excellent sound. Design with a built-in microphone for making hands-free calls, as well as voice assistants you may converse with to get the latest sports news and scores.

males dressed in a black suit Using the boAT 111 earphones to listen to music

To summarise, the Airdopes 111 airdopes are a set of earbuds that are intended to enhance your audio experience, whether you’re at home or on the go. When not in use, the earbuds are protected by a soft carry-on case that can be folded up and stored easily.

The absence of noise cancellation is one of the main shortcomings of this TWS. There is no active noise cancelling on this model, unfortunately. Second, you cannot alter the volume by simply touching the earphones; instead, you must dig your phone out of your pocket.

Battery & Charging

The battery capacity of the Airdopes 111 has not yet been disclosed by the manufacturer, but the business claims that it will provide up to 28 hours of continuous listening. When not in use, the earbuds are stored in the attractive power case, which also serves to charge them at the same time.

Airdopes 111 is equipped with a battery that lasts for 28 hours.

When you listen to music at 70 percent level, the earbuds can last for 4-5 hours after they are completely charged, according to the manufacturer.

Following that, you can charge them from the case for a total of six times. As a result, you may expect a battery backup of up to a week without having to worry about plugging it in too frequently.

The battery portion of the boAt 111 is further enhanced by the inclusion of an ASAP rapid charging mechanism. The Type-C port allows you to charge it in 10 minutes and be ready to go for the following 90 minutes. It’s that simple! I must mention that it is one of the earbuds with a long battery life that is available at a low cost.

Pros & Consx

  • Cons
  • There is no volume control.
  • There will be no ANC.


We have completed our boAt Airdopes 111 review, which included considerations for sound quality, battery life, and design. When you consider the pricing of the airdopes 111, it is reasonable to say that it is an excellent set of earbuds with improved battery life, design, and sound quality. With all of the features you’d expect and require at this price range, it’s a great value.

Consequently, if you’re searching for inexpensive earbuds for regular music listening, taking calls, or working out at the gym, boAt 111 is the best option. You can find the cost of boAt Airdopes 111 in the table below.

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