Beats Studio Buds review

The Beats Studio Buds provide an excellent fit, terrific sound, and active noise cancellation at a price that is less than the price of the Apple AirPods. As a bonus, they are the first Beats earphones from Apple to offer easy connection with Android devices, albeit at the price of certain important functionality for Apple consumers.

The Beats headphones and earbuds have grown further integrated into the Apple ecosystem since Apple acquired the company in 2014. All of that changes with the Beats Studio Buds, which do away with the Apple H1 and W1 processors in favour of a more universal experience across both Apple and Android smartphones, respectively.

Without strong connection with the Apple ecosystem, can the Beats Studio Buds do enough to distinguish themselves from the plethora of true wireless earbuds now available on the market?

Attention: This review was revised on February 17, 2022, to reflect a software update that enabled iCloud pairing compatibility, as well as to address a frequently asked question concerning alternate alternatives for Beats Studio Buds.

Who should buy the Beats Studio Buds?

Smartphone owners who use Android devices may now experience the Beats brand thanks to a product that is well-integrated with their devices

Workout aficionados will like the lightweight and portable casing, as well as the IPX4 water-resistant buds, active noise cancellation (ANC), and transparency settings, among other features.

Students will be able to take these earbuds with them wherever they go. They take up very little space, can be recharged quickly, and are significantly less expensive than the AirPods or AirPods Pro, respectively.

Attention: This review was revised on February 17, 2022, to reflect a software update that enabled iCloud pairing compatibility, as well as to address a frequently asked question concerning alternate alternatives for Beats Studio Buds.

What is it like to use the Beats Studio Buds?

A correct fit, as stated on the package for the Beats Studio Buds, is essential to producing superb sound. Beats provides you with three different sizes of silicone ear tips, ensuring that the majority of individuals will be able to get a secure fit.

Given their little weight (5g) and the fact that they hardly protrude from the ear, the earbuds stay comfortably in place without the risk of slipping out even during intensive exercises.

The playing of music, as well as the volume control, is controlled by a clickable button on either earpiece. Compared to other true wireless earbuds, it’s far more dependable than the touch controls available on other models.

The Studio Buds do not have automatic ear recognition, which means that media playback continues even if you remove one or both of the earpieces from your ears. ANC and transparency modes, on the other hand, may be switched between using the earbuds, the iOS Settings app, or the Beats app on an Android device.

 While in Transparency mode, you can hear everything around you as if you were not wearing headphones at all.

Despite this, Apple continues to go back and forth between USB-C and lightning ports for a variety of devices. Because these earbuds are intended for a larger audience outside of the Apple ecosystem, the charging case is equipped with a USB-C port. The cover does not enable wireless charging, in contrast to the most recent AirPods models.

How does the Beats Studio Buds work with Android?

With the Beats Studio Buds, Apple is demonstrating that it is not afraid of Android. To promote the Beats Studio Buds, the business has even gone so far as to incorporate attractive Android smartphones in its marketing materials.

You can use the Beats app to switch between listening modes, modify the onboard earbud settings, and rename the earphones, among other functions. If you’re having trouble connecting your headphones to your smartphone, the app might be of tremendous assistance.

The Beats app, on the other hand, doesn’t provide much after the first setup phase—mostly it’s a “set it and forget it” sort of application.

How does the Beats Studio Buds work with Apple devices?

Even in the absence of an H1 or W1 chip, the headset connects to virtually any Apple device with relative ease. Place the Beats in close proximity to your smartphone and open the case to reveal the pairing card, which appears after Bluetooth is enabled on your device.

Because there is no Beats app for iOS, all device switching must be accomplished using the iOS Settings app and its Bluetooth menu. There are a few choices available when you click on the I next to the name of the earphones.

You may use this section to select between several noise cancelling settings, tweak the button controls on the earphones, and even alter the name of the earbuds themselves.

The Beats Studio Buds now have iCloud pairing compatibility, according to a software upgrade released in January 2022. This means that after connecting to one of your Apple devices, the earphones will automatically pair with all of your other Apple devices.

When viewing movies or television shows, there are no sensors to allow Spatial Audio head tracking, but you may still say “Hey Siri” if you are using an Apple device that is associated with the TV.

Does the Beats Studio Buds stay connected?

The earphones maintain a steady connection with an Android or iOS device. Bluetooth 5.2 is included, which includes compatibility for the AAC and SBC Bluetooth codecs. AAC is intended for Apple devices, therefore you would be better off turning it off inside the developer options on your Android device.

The Beats Studio Buds don’t have compatibility for higher-quality Bluetooth codecs like aptX or LDAC.

Beats says the earphones last 5 hours with active noise cancellation turned on and 8 hours without it. In our testing of continuous listening at 75dB(SPL) with ANC switched on, the right earbud lasted 4 hours, 24 minutes, while the left earbud lasted 4 hours, 41 minutes.

This is somewhat below average among true wireless earbuds but is in the same ballpark as other true wireless earphones like Apple and Beats.

The charging case gives an extra two full charges to the earbuds, with Fast Fuel enabling 60 minutes of playing from only 5 minutes of charging.

How well does the Beats Studio Buds cancel noise?

Noise cancellation on the Beats Studio Buds is subpar at best. The provided ear tips passively exclude high-frequency sounds, but even with ANC turned on the earbuds fail to reduce ambient noises.

Most ambient noises you encounter (such airline engines, trains, and air conditioning) dwell below 1000Hz. With ANC on the Beats Studio Buds, these noises will sound around 25 percent quieter. That might sound big, but it’s way below the finest on the market.

The Beats Studio Buds passively and actively shuts out far more noise than earphones like the AirPods (which isn’t really saying a lot). This will assist minimise auditory masking, so your music will sound like it should in most contexts.

 It will also help protect your hearing, since effective passive and active noise cancellation makes users less likely to turn up the volume on their earbuds in loud surroundings.


These aren’t the same Beats that used to be so heavy on the bass. The Beats Studio Buds offer a frequency response that is designed to be user-friendly and closely matches our house curve. The majority of people should be pleased with how their music blends with any type of music.

The mid-range frequencies of the earbuds are noticeably diminished, with bass and treble frequencies being much louder in comparison. While the earbuds do not suffer from auditory masking concerns like prior Beats, which had a dramatic spike in bass frequencies that disguised other portions of the song, the new Beats do not suffer from these issues.

Lows, midpoints, and peaks When it comes to singing, the fundamental frequencies are often between 100Hz and 400Hz, which is a frequency range where the Beats Studio Buds have a 5-10dB attenuation.

Voices on tracks like excellent 4 u by Olivia Rodrigo sound substantially softer while listening through studio headphones than they do when listening through regular headphones.

The Beats Studio Buds perform an excellent job of replicating high-frequency sounds with pinpoint accuracy. The cymbals on Earth, Wind, and Fire’s September album are clearly defined and easy to hear in the background. Because the Beats Studio Buds don’t have any custom EQ capabilities, you’re pretty much stuck with the sound they produce right out of the package.

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